Alfitra Provides Automatic Gate Barrier System in Dubai at best Price. We provide highly reliable and functional gate barrier systems for small and corporate companies

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gate barrier system

Entrance Automation System

At the departure and entry points of industrial units, offices, corporate homes, residential areas, parking lots, toll tax plazas, and other locations, an automatic boom barrier provides security. Pedestrian and vehicle traffic can be successfully controlled with the use of an automatic barrier. It can be used to improve security. Gandhi Automations’ high-performance Boom Barriers are ideal for any installation environment. All installation needs are satisfied thanks to the vast selection of lengths and accessories offered. In the event of a power outage, all models have manual operation capabilities, and some models have battery backup capability.

A wide selection of models are available to fit a variety of purposes, including car parks, condominiums, toll collecting, and industrial entrances. Boom lengths up to 8.4 m are available. Two master/slave barriers can cover an opening of up to 16.8 metres.
The business is incredibly quiet despite its small size. A sturdy steel construction with a scratch-resistant finish that is resistant to the elements. Integration with a wide range of accessories and access control systems is feasible. Extremely dependable and low-maintenance. Manual release in the event of a power outage has been tested and delivered all across the world. In some models, there is a battery backup option.

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