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Alfitra Computers is the leading CCTV Camera Installation Company  in Dubai with wide range of Security CCTV Cameras at the best prices.

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Empowering the Saftey with Surveillance

Our valued customers praise us for providing high-quality items and timely delivery of supplies. Anu cc cameras, supply, and installation of CCTV systems have propelled us to the top of the list of Top CCTV Camera Dealers with us.  Our cc cameras offers CCTV camera installation and service. We provide a full range of modern CCTV products as well as one of the most comprehensive surveillance system supply chains in the industry.

We also offer a wide range of CCTV cameras, including wireless CCTV cameras, home CCTV cameras, outdoor CCTV cameras, and DVR-equipped CCTV camera systems. Our CCTV camera prices are quite low when compared to other dealers on the market, and we offer the highest quality and warranty. For CCTV camera installation, we have a highly skilled and efficient technical staff. For all businesses, individual apartments, residential apartments, gated communities, and other specific establishments, security has been a big concern. CCTV Surveillance Systems assist in keeping an eye on suspicious activity in real time.

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